Expanding Hedera’s Ecosystem | Swirlds Labs interview

Expanding Hedera's Ecosystem | Swirlds Labs interview

Hedera is a sustainable, enterprise-grade public network for the decentralized economy that allows individuals and businesses to create powerful decentralized applications (DApps). Up to 39 collusion-resistant organizations lead the Hedera network including Google, LG, Dell, IBM, and Ubisoft.

Guest: Eric Piscini Swirlds Labs CRO & COO
Swirlds Labs website ➜ https://swirldslabs.com/
Hedera Governing Council websitehttps://hedera.com/council

00:00 intro
00:46 Swirlds Labs & Hedera Hashgraph
01:50 Hedera Governing Council
05:15 Enterprise Integrations & ESG
06:11 Tokenization of Physical Assets
09:31 Payment Solutions
13:23 LG TV NFT Trading Coming
13:52 Hedera VR/AR?
15:28 Fan Engagement Tokens
17:44 Luxury Items
20:44 Gaming
21:15 outro

#Hedera #Crypto #NFT
~Expanding Hedera’s Ecosystem | Swirlds Labs interview~
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35 Comments to “Expanding Hedera’s Ecosystem | Swirlds Labs interview”

  1. It feels like crypto was developed to take our money so they can come up with a new system built off our backs. They didn't have anything and bitcoin started the crave. It's been 3 years and I haven't seen nothing but absolute wreckage.

  2. We decided to build RESQ on Hedera’s dlt over all others. Their long term vision and their security is second to none. It’s been a slow build up however we are ready to launch when the time is right. Being first has its issues, patience is necessary. Long term vision is bright .

  3. If someone wanted to give bob and alice each half of their seed phrase they wouldn't they just do it themselves without a social recovery. People need to adapt to being responsible adults and store their assets responsibly instead of building these backdoors into the protocols which will eventually be hacked.

  4. Great interview. WOW, that recovery key system called DeRec sounds game changing for the industry. And I do believe that Leeman himself from Swirlds, said he wants to work with other chains to offer this tech for FREE! But Hedera will be the cheapest to make the call every day on checking keys.

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