Everybody’s wrong about the Metaverse. Including you.

Everybody's wrong about the Metaverse. Including you.

The globe is transforming, quickly, as well as anybody that believes the Metaverse is dead… well, they’re dead incorrect. The AI change, Fortnite’s invite to makers to construct in-game, in addition to the much-anticipated Apple headset, are all directing parallel. That of the Metaverse. Yes, truly.

This video clip outlines the BasedAF thesis on the Metaverse. What it in fact is. Why it’s unavoidable. Why it’s currently below. And also why, in spite of the headings, it most absolutely isn’t dead. Vice versa. It’s simply getting up, supercharged by quickly developing innovations that verify the extremely suggestion itself.

This Metaverse essay incorporates a broad variety of subjects, connecting them entirely right into a solitary, easy vision. It’s a needed video clip as well, since practically Every person Is Incorrect Concerning The Metaverse. Including you.

Appreciate, as well as prepare to have your prejudgments tested.


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23 Comments to “Everybody’s wrong about the Metaverse. Including you.”

  1. The amount of cope on display here is unreal. The Metaverse is not going to happen.
    1) The tech sucks. AR/VR is still just ok after a decade. Bulky, low field of vision, expensive.
    2) NFTs had their chance and remained niche. Most people think artificial scarcity is silly and not real 'ownership'.
    3) The smart phone isn't going anywhere. Maybe one day we'll have spacial computers using holograms implanted in our skin, but how many decades before it's actually good?
    4) An empty mall populated with AI people is just as bad as an empty mall.

    Just give it up. Metaverse was an awful idea from the start. Play videogames.

  2. This reminds me of one of the first Supermassive vids I ever saw, on the defiant, about the metaverse, in early fall 2021. That was the video that inspired and hooked me on a vision that would eventually become Trashland. ❤

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