💥 3 Reasons Facebook's Metaverse Has Already Lost

💥 3 Reasons Facebook's Metaverse Has Already Lost

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💥 Mark Zuckerberg is wagering his whole Facebook realm (FB supply) on digital truth due to the fact that he assumes it will certainly open trillions of bucks in brand-new markets. Actually, he intends on costs 180 billion bucks to make it occur. That’s greater than Jeff Bezos deserves today! Yet there’s simply one issue. The Metaverse in fact doesn’t require virtual reality in all. There are 2 modern technology systems that lead to video game OVER for #Meta as well as they all exist today! #Nvidia Omniverse (NVDA supply) as well as Ethereum (ETH, a #cryptocurrency ). Right here’s what the #Metaverse will actually appear like as well as that’s constructing it now!

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🕑 Episode Timestamps 🕑
00:00 Intro
00:32 1 – Meta Systems Crazy Costs
03:18 2 – Nvidia’s Omniverse
07:33 3 – Ethereum’s Blockchain

📝 Resources & References 📝
5 Points to Learn About USD in NVIDIA Omniverse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqFHvLe2XCA

What is Ethereum 2.0: https://decrypt.co/resources/what-is-ethereum-2-0

10 Points to Learn About Ethereum 2.0:

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31 Comments to “💥 3 Reasons Facebook's Metaverse Has Already Lost”

  1. Thanks for the awesome videos. On a related note, how do the digital twins platform and Edge AI capabilities of NVIDIA compare with that of Palantir? Does NVIDIA only provide the chips for digital twin and Edge AI capabilities but also the software?

  2. Whilst i agree 45 odd percent is large, as you said yourself 180 billion is quite the upfront cost. Surely he needs recuperation for bringing the value that he would assuming he succeeds?

  3. Zuck getting all the hate… I will never understand this. No one is forced to use FB. It's free. Yeah, you are the product, but that's how it works. Don't like it, don't join. Give the guy a brake. FB apps have definitely brought the world a little bit closer. It's not all perfect… just like the rest of the world. Too much hate going on for Zuckerberg. Chill out.

  4. VR is a bubble and I can tell you why in one word:


    Until this is solved, it be will be nothing more than an evolution over the television. It could be harnessed right now to be the next step in home entertainment. But the idea that there will be 3D worlds that people move around inside is ludicrous. A real disruptor will create blockbuster movies designed for VR.

  5. Always Great coverage on NVDA and I support your bullish position on NVDA but it’s getting hammered in the market this year because of its high P/E but if there’s one company who could justify that, it would be NVDA or TSLA. So what do you think is a fair P/E for a beast like NVDA under this re-adjusted market? Even though they crush earnings expectations every Qtr, they’re not getting rewarded and still decline? How much lower can it go?

  6. Quick correction: Ethereum 2.0 (post-merge) will not change the gas fees. That is a misconception. It will be better for the environment as it will indeed use less energy, but the fees remain the same. (see any docs, or Vitalik's posts on this). What will lower fees over time is the proliferation of layer2 networks and scaling solutions (such as roll-ups or side chains).

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